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1.   What is the Difference between Mary's Free Range, Mary's Organic and Mary's Heritage Turkey?
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2.   What is the Diet of a Mary's Free Range, Mary's Organic and Mary's Heritage Turkey?
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3.   Why is this turkey feel frozen, I thought it was suppose to be fresh?
Fresh turkeys will be hard on the bottom of the turkeys due to the blasting of cold air done at the plant to keep the turkeys at a low temperature for shipping and to keep them fresh. They are not frozen.
4.    How do I remove the metal clip holding the legs together?  
  To remove the wire, you need to push it down and squeeze the wire together and pull it out. It can be really hard to get it out sometimes. You have to push the wire down really hard to get it out. I like to take one side of the wire and push down really hard and yank it out.  
5.    How long do you roast a turkey?

Use a Meat Thermometer, place a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh, (Watch Video) making sure to not touch the bone, and roast the turkey in a 325 degree oven until the meat thermometer reaches 165-170 degrees in the thigh. Roasting Times

6.   What size turkey should I buy?
We recommend 1-2 lbs. per person to provide plenty of turkey for dinner as well as for leftovers.  
7.   Is it ok to use a Pop Up Timer?

NO. We DO NOT recommend using a pop up timer. They can be very inaccurate if put in wrong place. Use a meat thermometer. Different Type of Thermometers.

8.   Can I use my convection oven to cook the turkey?

We do not recommend using a convection oven. They can cook a turkey too fast and dry it out. Be careful if you do cook in a convectional oven.

9.   Can I use a turkey bag to cook my turkey?

Yes. They work great when cooking a Turkey. It might cook a little faster than roasting times. Please make sure you still use a thermometer. Follow the instructions that come with the bag. The turkey will be moist as long as you do not overcook it.


10.   Why do some cookbooks have longer cooking times?

They are outdated. You will dry out your turkey if you follow those cooking charts. Once the turkey meat is no longer pink, it is done. Any cooking after that will dry out the turkey and make it tough. Unlike meat that gets more tender the longer it cooks, turkey gets tough and dry the longer it cooks.


11.   Why does the meat thermometer say for poultry 180-185 degrees?

Research shows that bacteria is destroyed at 165 degrees.  Do NOT cook your turkey to 180-185 degrees. This will dry out your turkey.  Take your turkey out of the oven when the meat thermometer reaches 165-170 degrees and let it rest for 20-30 minutes.  The meat will be pink towards the breast bone at 165, but very moist. If that bothers you, cook until 170 degrees in the thigh. Different Type of Thermometers.


12.   Do you recommend deep frying a turkey?

No, we do not. It can be very dangerous. Many people have caught their homes and themselves on fire. If you do deep fry your turkey, make sure there is no ice on the turkey. The ice hitting the hot oil can cause a six foot high flame.


13. When should you take a fresh turkey home?

Pick up your turkey 5 to 7 days before you cook it. Refrigerators at home are a lot warmer than those at the store. Reserve your turkey and pick it up 5 to 7 days before you cook it. Do not wait until the day before Thanksgiving.