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Do not listen to us... Listen to what others say about Mary's Turkeys.

Dear Mary,  
   I just finished watching a special on television that showed the operation you are running with your family, I am impressed.  
   I became a Vegan some time ago for many different reasons due to the current modern day farming operations and techniques. When I see a Farm that is run by such a beautiful family such as yours, it makes my heart happy that there are people out there who can humanely run an operation with Love and concern for the animal as well as the consumer.  
I know meat will always be a part of modern day society, and nothing anytime soon will change that, but nevertheless, I am grateful there are still real honest loving people running a good operation these days.  
Jo Ann
We have your turkeys on our website and apparently it's effective because we had someone from Jackson Hole find us online yesterday. He drove in and bought 10 organic turkeys. He said he was buying them for George Clooney. He said Clooney will only eat Mary's! I thought you might like to know. Of course it was a great boost for us to be able to sell 10 turkeys in one shot like that. Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mercia Neace

Mercia's Natural Foods
1511 Fillmore St.
Twin Falls, ID 83301

"You can tell the difference if it's free-range especially organic it's healthier.  It's the most beautiful turkey I've ever had. It's feels clean and fresh."

Maurine Hobbs

"I enjoy your heritage turkeys. I am going to keep ordering them. Your turkeys are phenomenal.  My whole family is enjoying them. The experience has been great. You have a customer for life."

Reggie Hall
New Jersey

"We bought a Mary's Free-Range Turkey two Thanksgivings ago and it is now our family's Thanksgiving tradition to have a Mary's Free-Range Turkey on our table. Your turkeys were juicy and more meaty than any others we tasted. We would just like to say Thank You for making our holiday dinner more special."

The Hare Family
Seattle, Washington

"I am so impressed that there is a real Mary - I can't believe it!   I will tell all of my friends to buy a Mary's Free-Range Turkey" 

Jana Wall 
Fort Worth, Texas

"I have heard that Mary's is the best! Where can I find one of your turkeys?" 

Linda Welsh 
Pacific City, Oregon

"Your Mary's Free-Range Turkeys are the Cadillac of the Turkeys !"

Sven - Quality Food Center
Bellevue, Washington

"I had your turkey for the first time last year, and our guests raved so much about it that we are having it again this year. It's the best turkey we've ever had."

Molly Hale
Fort Worth, Texas

"It's the best turkey I've ever had. It tastes like a real turkey."

Helen Sala
Arlington, Texas

"I really want to thank you for having such a healthy product. Thank you for making your turkey gluten - free."  

Donna Paxton 
Buckley, Washington